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We create
legal loves.

We deliver transformative legal solutions that build business value and set our clients apart.

We are the independent, global
new law company.

We’re here to do the best legal work of our lives alongside our innovator clients. We transform legal teams by designing best-in-class, seamless legal experiences, driven by strong values and rooted in the world-class technology, strategy, and talent required for operational excellence. Our lean, interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with our clients, helping them to in turn solve their clients’ biggest problems. Our lawyer-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across all operational areas – from litigation to risk and compliance, from contract review to case strategy. This unified legal experience results in a much more consistent, impactful, and valuable relationship between legal teams and their clients and business stakeholders.

Our history

We’ve accomplished a lot since 1991. Find out more about where we came from and where we’re headed.



At the dawn of the information age, Legility was poised with a vision for legal's future.


at scale

Legility launches the world's first flexible legal talent business.


A new era of

Legility brings predictability to eDiscovery with the launch of its managed services offering.


A great place
to work

Voted Inc. top 50 best place to work


Global new law

Three continents. Five countries. One team, partnering with you to define the future of legal.

We’re here to help

Do the right thing

We invariably take action based on what is right.

Fabled service

Our focus on client experience is unwavering.

Diversity is in
our DNA

Diversity is our superpower. Our experts come from diverse backgrounds, and our success is fueled by the power of diverse perspectives.

Passion for innovation

We do what others say can’t be done.

with us

Join the team

We’re a diverse company of thinkers and problem-solvers-we’ve come together to tackle some of the most important and difficult challenges facing the world’s biggest organizations.

Global reach.
Local expertise.




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