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Data processing that
saves you significant time and money.

Legility Structured Data Reader (SDR) produces distinct, readable, user-friendly output from chat transcripts allowing efficient, rapid review of messaging platform data like Bloomberg chat terminals, Skype, Facebook Messaging, Google’s Gchat, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Structured Data Reader processes all document formats and data across numerous servers and outputs everything in a reviewable HTML file with date, subject and recipients in the same location. SDR visually highlights individual chats within a thread, allowing reviewers to locate information more quickly by simplifying the output and streamlining the process.

Save time and
money on data processing

Structured Data Reader (SDR) produces distinct, readable, user-friendly output from chat transcripts allowing efficient, rapid review of messaging platform data.

Get the facts

Binary Attachments: When SDR is presented with data that refers to attachments, it manages text extraction on those files.

Streamlined processing across all documents, data, and server formats. Simplified output of all data into one reviewable HTML file.

Parallel Processing Platform: Allows for task execution to be spread across as many servers as required.

Source Formats: Can process approximately 30 formats including: CSV, DAT, XML, JSON, MySQL, HTML Tables and SMS.