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About Priya

General Civil Mediation, Priya is a skilled lawyer with a background in general litigation with a focus on family law. She graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law after earning her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Texas Tech and her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Government at the University of Texas. Having interned with the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Priya worked directly with the General Counsel on claims analysis and hearing preparations as well as conducted research, wrote memoranda, and drafted pleadings. She also spent several years as a Senior Litigation Paralegal specializing in mass debt collection.


Why Legility?

While transitioning into a new area of law, Legility gave me exposure to various industries, so I could identify what I was truly interested in and where my skills could translate. Additionally, when an opportunity came up on a project, Legility was able to identify that I could be a great fit. I am currently on a project that I can only describe as my dream job.

What makes how Legility works different?

Based on the care in which Legility operates, it is evident that the company truly cares about their employees. As a result, they have created an environment where everyone works hard and performs at their best. We are truly invested in the success of the company, just as the company is invested in our success.