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Senior Project Manager

About Paul

Paul has more than seventeen years’ experience in the litigation support industry. Based in Dallas, Paul started his legal career on the sales side of the business, forming close relationships with many key paralegals, litigation support managers and lawyers across the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. In his sales roles, Paul saw firsthand the difficulties his clients endured when quality problems occurred, often not noticed until after documents were produced, or critical deadlines were missed. Realizing that he could do more to benefit the client experience in a role that made him the clients’ primary point of contact and the person managing the workflow, Paul moved into eDiscovery project management nine years ago. In this time, Paul has managed a wide variety of matters including SEC investigations, DOJ investigations, CFPB investigations, M&A second requests, antitrust litigation, white collar crime/fraud, IP litigation, mass torts, class actions and he has personally assisted a major New York law firm in its preparation of a high profile Silicon Valley executive for her testimony before Congress. Paul is a true extension of his clients’ teams, ultra reliable and an unrelenting advocate for his clients’ work, still establishing deep and long-lasting relationships, not only in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex but with case teams across the country.

  • Recenseo Administrator
  • Certified Envize Administrator
  • Certified Brainspace Analyst
  • IPRO Eclipse Administrator
  • LAW Pre-Discovery Administrator

Why Legility?

At Legility, I am not locked down into a specific workflow that I cannot deviate from. I am able to use my past experience and expertise to better serve my clients. At the same time though, Legility offers multiple training classes on best practices and training for all platforms we support. Employees are always encouraged to learn. Legility also makes me feel like a valued part of our success, and they have instituted a culture that puts the employee first which allows me to perform my duties and responsibilities at a high-level. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere better in the eDiscovery market!

What makes how Legility works different?

Legility is different than any other eDiscovery vendor that I have worked with simply because of the collaborative nature of the company. I am an email away from top professionals in the industry with a variety of expertise when I have a question or need help with a workflow or strategy. Legility truly is a TEAM with a servant’s heart when it comes to our clients.