Legility helps legal teams get access to unrivaled expertise, innovative technology, and robust infrastructure for addressing transactional, repetitive, or high-volume legal work, so they can get back to what they do best: Delivering strategic legal advice and driving business value. All without the need to carry an oversized internal team, build out an IT infrastructure, or manage unpredictable costs.

Every managed legal service engagement with Legility benefits from cross-functional teams assembled in close collaboration with deeply experienced professionals across our practices and service lines, including eDiscoverymanaged reviewflexible legal talent, and enterprise legal solutions. We help legal teams match the right people to the right work – from single projects to full functions – to increase efficiency through strategic technology implementations, process design, delivery, and improvement, and tactical expertise deployment.

If you handle a high volume of contracts, Legility can help you outsource drafting, negotiating, and CMS implementation. Reduce costs and save time with a customized workflow, powerful technology, and on-demand staffing.

Legility can help you reduce costs and save time while improving the consistency of your high-volume routine contracts.

We’ll streamline your process through a customized workflow with a combination of technology and on-demand staffing. And we’ll do it all with a real-time dashboard system that gives you complete visibility, every step of the way.

Minimize operational burden, risk, and overall cost of eDiscovery. We provide a customized and flexible discovery management ecosystem with fully integrated best-of-breed technologies and highest levels of data security.

Legility offers the control and cost savings of an in-house electronic discovery department with the speed, efficiency, scalability and quality of a state-of-the-art dedicated eDiscovery company. Legility eDiscovery managed services offers the best of both worlds.

For a fixed monthly fee you get your own infrastructure, application, and software user licenses to house as many cases as you need so you can reduce operational overhead and flex up or down to meet litigation loads.

Guide your team on what data to preserve, how to maintain it, and when to delete it with a clear Information Management (IM) or Information Governance (IG) policy. Leverage this to reduce IT and legal costs, mitigate risks, and increase productivity.

Reduces risk. Consistency in how you manage your data gets your team on the same page and deflates any claim that potentially harmful data was deliberately destroyed.

Reduces IT costs. Information governance decreases the amount of data that is kept in the system, which leads to a reduction in the cost of electronic storage.

Reduces eDiscovery costs. Thanks to your information management policy, there is less data to feed into the eDiscovery process.

Increases productivity. Building an information management policy ensures organization on the front end, and it reduces the lost productivity that results from searching for data in a disordered system.

Organizations today operate in a fast-changing and ever more complex global regulatory environment. Compliance projects are time-consuming, time-based, require specialized expertise and often staffing up across many jurisdictions. Maintaining and relying on in-house teams in each locality of operation is not always viable – or practical. This is where Legility legal managed services can help with a swift, accurate, and expert response to regulatory compliance and investigations.

We integrate focused teams of lawyers, powerful process improvements, and industry-leading technology to customize litigation and regulatory response. This drives up knowledge retention while reducing costs, legal review time, and errors.

After review, our expert teams surface what’s learned from each matter to help address future risk, drive cost certainty, and provide continuity.

With Legility, you can assign value to every phase of a legal matter and assess and define roles for internal and external partners – ultimately leading to more efficient processes and lower overall costs.

Our experts combine decades of legal experience with powerful new solutions – and they’re ready to jump in where you need them. Simplify your legal operations processes with systems designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

We’re experienced in working with clients in every industry, on all kinds of legal projects – from litigation and compliance to process improvement and technology implementations. By working with our project managers, you’ll get expert insights to define the right approach and lead multidisciplinary teams to a successful outcome.