It all starts with our people: Talented lawyers dedicated to their clients, working in a positive and collaborative environment and directed by seasoned leaders. We produce knowledge-retaining teams that become more efficient and effective with each case by keeping the same attorneys working for the same clients, and in touch with the same in-house and outside counsel for matter after matter.

Constantly challenging ourselves to improve is in our DNA. Our incremental and iterative workflows optimize the efficiency of your legal team while maximizing quality of the entire review process. We leverage data and feedback to adapt in real time, leading to true collaboration with your legal team and a streamlined review process – and saving you time and money, matter after matter.

We use advanced technology, including LegilityEnvize, to achieve the highest quality review at the lowest total cost – but we also know that there is no single platform that is optimal for all data sets.

That’s why we remain platform agnostic, choosing to train our teams on multiple solutions and selecting the right tool with you for a particular matter. Our proprietary preview capability frames up key data points, allowing you to select the right technology platform. We can provide it or work with your in-house team or third-party provider. We’re agile. The decision is yours.