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Using Data To Drive Decisions in eDiscovery

In legal matters, practitioners have access to a lot of data. But deriving meaning from that data, and harnessing it into actionable tasks is another matter entirely. Watch this video with Inventus expert Alisa McLellan, who explains how dashboarding tools can work to the benefit of eDiscovery teams looking to make smarter decisions from start to finish.

In this video, Chris Dale, of the eDisclosure Information Project, sat down with Alisa McLellan, Vice President of Client Services at Legility, to discuss using data to drive smarter decisions in eDiscovery.

Here are a few notable takeaways from the interview:

eDiscovery Decisions are Only as Good as the Data Behind Them

Many decisions in eDiscovery can come down to cost - so ensuring cost estimates are accurate can make or break a matter strategy. eDiscovery providers have created dashboarding tools designed to give clients insight into their data. But many are deeply flawed systems - and the problem is often with the way they are architected.

Many eDiscovery project management dashboards, aren't build with providers' own project management teams in mind. Electronic discovery project managers are the people that manage matters day in and day out, and know what clients need and ask for every day. However, most companies start by talking to clients and try to reverse-engineer a system to then sell back to clients.

What makes Spotlight different is that it was built from the inside-out. Spotlight, Inventus' eDiscovery analytics dashboard tool, was built on top of AMP, Inventus' internal project management task tracking tool. AMP is the robust back-end of Spotlight, and the tool that our project managers and operations teams use to get work done every day.

Spotlight - via AMP - contains all the have best practices, standards, checklists, quality assurance processes our award-winning client services teams use, baked right in.

We built the dashboarding components on top of this – initially using it to help us measure our business. From there we realized we had hit on something that could be really useful to our clients as well, and made Spotlight available to clients who found this data incredibly valuable.

What Should You Look for in an eDiscovery Dashboard?

A key component to a good eDiscovery dashboarding tool is what's known as "platform agnosticism." You want a tool that aggregates information from ALL data sources, regardless of origin. A good tool will pull and aggregate data from proprietary platforms and third-party tools alike, so clients don’t have to then manage outside data in a different format. And Spotlight does that. You can aggregate and import data into it from other sources – regardless of origin or ownership.

We realized we had hit on something that could be really useful to our clients as well, and made Spotlight available to clients who found this data incredibly valuable.


About the speaker

Alisa McLellan
Alisa McLellan

Alisa McLellan, Esq. has worked in the eDiscovery field for over ten years, and is the Director of Project Management for Inventus’ East Coast and Central teams. She is an energetic team leader with proven skills in cross-functional team building, quality performance, and productivity improvement. Alisa is a licensed attorney and she completed her J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2011, where she won CALI awards for excellence in Electronic Discovery and Civil Litigation. Alisa was also voted into the Order of the Coif—a prestigious national legal honorary society whose members are chosen based on exceptional academic performance while in law school. Alisa contributed on the Electronic Discovery Deskbook, a treatise on electronic discovery, and is currently a member of the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program. She is a former Litigation Paralegal with over five years of experience managing electronic discovery collections, reviews, and productions for a large, multinational law firm where she regularly travelled to client offices to manage custodian interviews and data collections. Alisa has also managed large-scale document reviews, and assisted with privilege reviews and privilege log creation. She is a Relativity Certified Admin, and a subject matter expert on collections, productions, Relativity and Clearwell.

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