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Know Your Data: Competition Law Essentials

The digital age has transformed the way companies communicate, and paved the way to...

  • Jérôme Torres-Lozano
  • 06/17/20

Efficient Document Review: Five Ways to Prep Your Data

What you need to know to create a more efficient document review process - to save...

  • Legility
  • 06/17/20

Micro-content: Small payload, big payoff

Micro-content like Slack, WeChat, and Teams is taking over the workplace; and it's...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 06/17/20

Transforming the Legal Department

General counsels are reimagining the future of their legal departments in the face of...

  • Patty Wise
  • 06/16/20

Global Privacy in the Age of COVID-19

From HIPAA data to PII, legal teams are faced with the task of balancing public health...

  • Legility
  • 06/16/20

Building a Resilient Legal Team

Remote work, legal culture, and COVID-19 - what legal leaders need to know to weather...

  • Legility
  • 05/27/20

eDiscovery Continuity in a Disrupted World

From tabletop exercises to remote workforce best practices, legal teams must...

  • Legility
  • 05/27/20

Bringing Discipline to Data Disorder

A Fortune 100 services and manufacturing company generates thousands of contracts from...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 05/14/20

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Compliance

Monitoring compliance can be a Sisyphean task. Artificial intelligence can help.

  • Rebecca Cronin
  • 04/06/20

Diversity in the Legal Profession

Building a culture of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

  • Kamaka Martin
  • 10/07/19

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