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Legility Envize™: Powerful eDiscovery Machine Learning & Analytics

Envize™ provides powerful machine-learning eDiscovery analytics to help you focus on...

  • Legility
  • 01/11/21

Legility Spotlight

Legility Spotlight is a business data analytics dashboard that provides full...

  • Legility
  • 01/11/21

Forging a Path Toward Strategic eDiscovery with Technology

As the eDiscovery market matures, organizations are undertaking a big shift, from...
  • Legility
  • 11/05/20

The COVID-19 Bankruptcy Boom: Preparing for Restructuring Discovery

With the staggering economic effects of COVID-19, U.S. bankruptcy courts are gearing...

  • Legility
  • 08/11/20

Staying Nimble in Economic Uncertainty: The Next Normal for Legal

Worldwide economic uncertainty is requiring general counsels to reimagine the future...

  • Legility
  • 06/25/20

Delivering Excellence in eDiscovery Project Management

At Relativity Fest in Chicago, Chris Dale interviewed Megan Rowland of Legility....

  • Megan Rowland
  • 05/14/20

Global privacy in the age of COVID-19: Navigating Unprecedented Change

In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, will public health imperatives change...

  • Webinar
  • 05/14/20

Using Data To Drive Decisions in eDiscovery

In legal matters, practitioners have access to a lot of data. But deriving meaning...

  • Alisa McLellan
  • 12/16/19

Relativity Fest 2019: Top Buzzed-About eDiscovery and Legal Trends

This week we attended the tenth annual Relativity Fest – the annual gathering of...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 10/25/19

Legal Supplier Diversity: Top Takeaways from NAMWOLF 2019

This year’s National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF)...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 10/01/19

International Investigations: Best Practices

At Legal Week in New York City, Chris Dale interviewed Erin Plante of Legility. Erin...

  • Legility
  • 09/26/19

Electronic Discovery's Leader in Nice

What’s the first thing we want clients to know about us? Naturally, we want them to...

  • Paul Mankoo
  • 04/16/19

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