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Flex IT up: How flexible legal talent can power through IT contracts

Changes in government regulations and seasonal upticks in the volume of IT contracts can...

  • Legility
  • 02/16/21

Enabling More Powerful e-Discovery in Germany with RelativityOne

This blog was originally posted on Relativity's website and written by Sam Bock, a member...

  • Relativity
  • 02/02/21

Building a Top-notch Legal Resume for Today's Market: Part II

This is Part II of II - if you missed Part I, you can read it here! The Hard Work:...

  • Barbara Higgins
  • 01/14/21

New Law 2021: Legal Services Predictions for the Year Ahead

The staggering impact of the coronavirus pandemic spurred abrupt changes and adaptations...

  • Legility
  • 01/11/21

Building a Top-notch Legal Resume for Today's Market: Part I

Resume writing continues to be one of the greater challenges in job seeking. Perhaps you...

  • Barbara Higgins
  • 01/05/21

Top 2020 Legility Blog Posts

This year has been a strange one - with the coronavirus pandemic throwing every industry...

  • Legility
  • 12/31/20

Personal Branding Tips for Lawyers

Personal branding is a topic gaining traction in the legal world. While many busy lawyers...

  • Kimberly Lerman
  • 11/17/20

Potential Pitfalls of eDiscovery: If it’s too good to be true, it just might be

Organizations are always looking for ways to save – and predict – costs. Even in normal...

  • Legility
  • 10/27/20

Top Takeaways from Relativity Fest 2020

Like events all over the world, RelativityFest was bound to look a little different in...

  • Legility
  • 10/13/20

Emerging Data Types: The Internet of Things (IoT) and Litigation

What Does it Mean for eDiscovery When the Government Demands Data from Smart Devices? If...

  • Legility
  • 09/10/20

Chinese Social Media Apps & International eDiscovery

Litigators these days must understand social media – and no understanding of social media...

  • Sally Hu
  • 08/04/20

Hong Kong's national security law: What does it mean for legal teams?

In the midst of a world reeling from COVID-19, China bypassed Hong Kong legislature to...

  • Legility
  • 07/07/20

What the US Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ discrimination means for employment litigation

In a landmark decision last week, Bostock v. Clayton County, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3...

  • Legility
  • 06/25/20

Agile for Legal: Becoming a Lean Legal Operations Machine

We’ve all heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder”. In theory, teams should always be...

  • Legility
  • 06/19/20

How Flexible Legal Talent Can Help Law Departments Navigate Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created an unprecedented level of uncertainty...

  • Patty Wise
  • 05/18/20

Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty: Mindfulness for Lawyers

The coronavirus pandemic has created rapid changes and uncertainty throughout business...

  • Lee Holcomb
  • 04/07/20

Contracts and the Coronavirus Crisis: Force Majeure provisions

As we navigate the unchartered waters that COVID-19 presents, new business and legal...

  • Legility
  • 03/23/20

A Safer eDiscovery data collection practice during coronavirus

In recent years litigants have increasingly turned to remote data collection and similar...

  • Legility
  • 03/19/20

Coronavirus Impact Statement

Keeping Your Business in Motion During COVID-19 As the world works to contain the spread...

  • Legility
  • 03/14/20

Accelerating Gender Equity in the Legal Profession – on International Women's Day, and Every Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and...

  • Effie Sahihi
  • 03/06/20

LIBOR Changes: A Quick SOFR Turnaround for Financial Institutions

LIBOR -- the longstanding benchmark interest rate at which banks loan each other money --...

  • Eric Schultenover
  • 03/03/20

Three Key Takeaways from LegalTech New York 2020

Now that the dust has settled on yet another great Legalweek New York and we’ve had a...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 02/17/20

Coronavirus: The Challenge Facing Global Legal Operations

The coronavirus pandemic has become a global story with rapidly changing realities. With...

  • Legility
  • 02/07/20

The Potential of Automated Translation in Multilingual Litigation

During a recent webcast presented by Inventus, eDiscovery experts discussed ways firms...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 01/13/20

The CCPA is Coming. Are You Ready?

During a recent CLE presented by Natalya Northrip, Global Chief Privacy Officer at Arthur...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 12/03/19

International eDiscovery & Cross-Border Compliance: Expert Perspective

Wrongdoers know no international borders - so investigators of wrongdoing must be able to...

  • Legility
  • 10/16/19

How lawyers can keep sensitive data safe from hackers

Keeping data safe used to be the sole job of dedicated departments within companies –...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 09/10/19

Negotiating eDiscovery protocols: Part II

Expert Perspectives: The Legility Expert Perspectives series features insightful...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 08/28/19

Negotiating eDiscovery protocols: Part I

Expert Perspectives: The Legility Expert Perspectives series features insightful...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 08/21/19

Electronic discovery vendor selection: 4 questions with a veteran lawyer

Expert Perspectives: The Inventus Expert Perspectives series features insightful...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 08/06/19

FATF guidance to affect cryptocurrency, anti-money laundering, & anti-terrorist financing compliance for financial institutions

Last month, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the inter-governmental body that sets...

  • Legility
  • 07/17/19

Machines vs the mob: Fighting money laundering & terrorist financing with machine learning

Consider for a moment the problems of criminals: The money they earn, spend, transfer or...

  • Legility
  • 06/19/19

Emojis & eDiscovery: What lawyers need to know

Do you know your  from your ? How would you react if someone sent  to you? What does...

  • Legility
  • 05/21/19

In legal operations, cooperation is key

We recently attended the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) in Las Vegas, which...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 05/20/19

Ephemeral messaging, FCPA, & the DOJ: Three things lawyers & compliance officers need to know

In November of 2017, the Department of Justice modified its FCPA Corporate Enforcement...

  • Legility
  • 04/30/19

Cloud security & eDiscovery: Separating myth, fact, & marketing fluff

Cloud computing – or data storage in the cloud – is often touted as a cure-all for the...

  • Legility
  • 04/23/19

Top Takeaways From the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption

The Summits on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) are different than other legal...

  • Sarah Brown
  • 03/08/19

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