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Building a Resilient Legal Team

Legility 05 / 27 / 20

Remote work, legal culture, and COVID-19 - what legal leaders need to know to weather the unprecedented pace of change.

Remote Work, Legal Culture, & COVID-19


COVID-19 has prompted radical behavior changes that the world has never seen - and legal teams are no exception.

The key for legal organizations is to be deliberate in their approach, championing remote and hybrid work solutions that do not sacrifice productivity, accountability, or employee satisfaction.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

The keys to staying nimble without sacrificing key components of organizational success

Workplace best practices for remote legal teams

How to mitigate risks in making the transition to all-remote or hybrid legal teams

How to establish consistent communication post-COVID-19

Building a Resilient Legal Team: Remote Work, Legal Culture, & COVID-19 covers workplace best practices for legal departments and law firms looking to survive - and thrive - in a post-COVID-19 world.



of employees worked remotely at least occasionally pre-COVID-19

The rise of remote

The shift to remote work in legal has been swift; the job of good leadership is to make sure remote and hybrid legal teams do not lose productivity, security, or employee satisfaction.

3The pandemic has accelerated change in the legal industry

In recent years a number of key technologies and systems have emerged that allow companies to more easily obtain legal services that have traditionally required in-person interaction or on-site staff.

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