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Client Successes

Rapid response team investigates multimillion-dollar international fraud

The Challenge

A large, multinational financial services company suspected an employee in one of its Asian offices of orchestrating or participating in a fraud scheme that equated to a potential loss of tens of millions of dollars. They needed a global partner who could help them conduct a rapid-response, multi-jurisdictional investigation. In cooperation with the company’s outside counsel, a Global top 25 law firm, and U.S. federal investigative authorities, Legility was chosen.

The Solution

The organization contracted with us to conduct forensic collection and detailed forensic analysis consultation, provide guidance on cross-border data transfer regulatory compliance, and host, process, and review the data in both English and Chinese – all on an incredibly tight timeframe.

On Monday, we mobilized an in-country rapid-response team of forensics and data collection experts on-site in the client’s Asian office, collecting more than 1TB of highly sensitive data from three laptops.

Two days after mobilization, all data was forensically imaged. The Legility regulatory services and data security team then put in place a military-grade secure process for transporting the data to the US for further analysis. The process was constructed to fully comply with all applicable data privacy and cross-border data transfer regulations. Upon arrival in the US, Legility initiated our proprietary forensic culling methodology to limit scope to just user-generated content from laptop images, and then further targeted potentially relevant information by way of advanced forensic reporting. This defensibly reduced the collection from 1TB to less than 150 GB which was then processed, analyzed, and deduplicated using a variety of advanced analytics tools. Ultimately, less than 25 GB of this highly sensitive dataset was hosted in our secure Tier III, ISO-certified data center.

By Friday, we began first-level attorney review. We quickly staffed and trained a multilingual team of
five qualified, US-based reviewers fluent in both English and Chinese. We partnered closely with the organization’s law firm to route highly-responsive documents directly to them, greatly reducing cost and time to production. Our review teams completed first-level review by Sunday—less than one week after the kickoff of the project—and provided a substantive production to the client’s in-house legal team.

By Friday, we began first-level attorney review. We quickly staffed a multilingual team of five qualified, U.S. based reviewers fluent in both English and Chinese and trained them on the particulars of the case. We partnered closely with the organization’s law firm to ensure that highly-responsive documents were routed directly to them. The Legility team handled the remaining documents, which greatly reduced the cost to the end client and condensed the overall timeline. Our review teams completed the first-level review by Sunday - less than one week after the kickoff of the project - and provided a substantive production to the client’s in-house legal team on that day.

  1. Monday 
    After fielding an urgent call from client and counsel, Legility received confirmation or in-country collection

  2. Monday Evening
    Laptops picked up for imaging in-country

  3. Wednesday
    Confirmation that laptops were successfully imaged

  4. Thursday
    Drives shipped from Asia to United States

  5. Friday
    Drives received, processed, and document review commenced

  6. Sunday
    Review concluded

The Results

We moved from initial collection to production in under a week, staffing a qualified, bilingual review team in under 48 hours.

Within a week, we produced data to the financial organization, and enabled the client to produce to the US federal investigatory agency. With tens of millions of dollars at stake, we delivered an expeditious, sensible, confidential, and thorough process from start to finish.

Legility was able to move from initial collection to production in under a week, staffing a qualified bilingual review team in under 48 hours.

The right people, process and technology deliver the right results.

About the author


Legility, a leading provider of technology-enabled legal services, provides consulting, technology, managed solutions, and flexible legal talent to corporations and law firms. The company has more than 1,000 lawyers, engineers, consultants, technology and data specialists, and operational experts serving more than one-third of the Fortune 100 and one-quarter of the Am Law 200. Legility helps its clients improve operational efficiency. By combining people, processes, and technology, Legility offers innovative and bundled solutions that align with how the legal market is increasingly looking to engage.

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