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The Challenge

A large investment company was given a three-week deadline to complete a review in response to a government investigation of more than 300,000 likely privileged documents. This review constituted a privilege and confidentiality assessment, as well as the requirement to complete a privilege log two weeks subsequent to the production of documents.

The Solution

Legility experts worked with a designated technology vendor to set up a customized workflow to greatly limit the documents that needed to be individually inspected by reviewers. This process allowed Legility attorneys to review only the “privilege hit” documents in the overall corpus, cutting the amount of review by nearly 50% or 170,000 documents.

While reviews do often run extremely fast, Legility’s review accelerants allow for the process to be performed accurately and with more consistency than what a less efficient, linear review allows. 

Legility's proprietary accelerants include:

Email Threading Analytics

Legility leverages its own technology to generate optimized sorting data to group email conversation threads together. This allows reviewers to make much faster and consistent coding decisions versus linearly reviewed ESI.

Reviewers are provided specific details on how a document or family sits in relation to the rest of the thread. Typical review rates are increased by 30-50% over non-threaded linear review and can be optimized for rolling collection and productions with minimal additional costs.

Privilege/PII Search Terms and Highlighting 

Legility has its own highlighting and search term generation tools to draw reviewers’ attention to what matters most. For effective Privilege/PII highlighting and search terms, the devil is in the details. Often highlighting and search terms are over- or under-inclusive. In addition, with Relativity-based reviews, sets can be built in such a way to seriously degrade Relativity’s ability to load files quickly. Legility’s generation tools avoid all these issues and provide optimized, highly accurate highlighting.

Privilege Redactions

Legility works with clients to identify a primary set of the unique documents requiring redactions. We then redact just those documents and the client
is able to propagate the redactions to all identical documents that were part of the production. Legility attorneys then preform
a quality control check of the propagation
to ensure it occurred effectively.

Protecting Privileged Data

Legility has developed automated tools that will take counsel lists and rapidly turn them into“best in class” by highlighting sets and privilege screens to more quickly and reliably assess the privileged nature of a document.


With unique review accelerants and analytics, Legility’s team of 30-45 reviewers performed the entire privilege review in three weeks. Focusing on highlighting and family code propagation allowed Legility to very quickly make privileged assessments, which amounted to 85+ document decisions per hour. The overall cost for the privilege review was approximately $1 per document.

After the review and using an efficient workflow, Legility’s proprietary Privilege Log Editor System (PLES) and 20 attorneys completed an 88,000- entry privilege log within three weeks. The log required individually listed documents, full name standardization and legal/attorney identification, as well as name index for every person. The cost of the 3,000-name index was 75-90% less expensive than traditional logs.

With unique review accelerants and analytics, Legility's team of 30-45 reviewers performed the entire privilege review in three weeks.


Reduction of cost

The right people, process and technology deliver the right results.

About the author


Legility, a leading provider of technology-enabled legal services, provides consulting, technology, managed solutions, and flexible legal talent to corporations and law firms. The company has more than 1,000 lawyers, engineers, consultants, technology and data specialists, and operational experts serving more than one-third of the Fortune 100 and one-quarter of the Am Law 200. Legility helps its clients improve operational efficiency. By combining people, processes, and technology, Legility offers innovative and bundled solutions that align with how the legal market is increasingly looking to engage.

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