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white papers

Operationalizing Contract Review & Negotiation

Lee Holcomb 08 / 17 / 20

Monitoring compliance can be a Sisyphean task. Artificial intelligence can help.

Operationalizing Contract Review & Negotiation


The past few years have ushered in many changes in how organizations are working, and those changes have only accelerated in the past few months. Many legal departments, already tasked with mandates to do more with less, have had to make reductions in workforce while facing a swiftly-accelerating regulatory environment.

Meanwhile, the shift to remote work – and the technology innovations that can support it – are bringing new solutions to bear on old legal problems. Now, more than ever, corporate legal leaders must take a realistic look at how their in-house team is operating, evaluate how to drive efficiencies, and assess when it may be time to bring in some help.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

How to get started: Tips to help your team get started on an evaluation process to drive internal efficiencies

Cost-benefit analysis

Using flexible talent as a solution

How to leverage technology to level up your operations

Operationalizing Contract Review & Negotiation is the in-house counsel's guide to driving efficiencies into contract processes. This white paper covers topics ranging from getting your team started on an evaluation process, performing a cost-benefit analysis, and leveraging technology to level up your operations.



estimated improved profitability with good contract development & management


Manual contract processes are missed opportunities for standardization - and the benefits that come with a repeatable process.

3Develop a central repository

Develop a central repository to house your contracts. This is a huge time saver and has downstream benefits, including easy access to and searchability for all contracts, and laying the groundwork for setting up playbooks.

About the author

Lee Holcomb
Lee Holcomb

Lee is the Director of Operations for Enterprise Legal Solutions with Legility. She started her legal career in 1998 in Tennessee with Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan. After the birth of her first child, she began practicing yoga to help her stay fit and manage the stress of balancing work and family responsibilities. In 2006, her husband took an overseas position with the U.S. State Department. Lee was at first reluctant to leave her firm, but her desire to have a second child led her to take a giant step. On December 23, 2006, with two small children, she boarded a plane to Poland. Shortly after she arrived in Warsaw, Lee began planning her return to the legal workforce. This would ultimately take her to India, where she essentially started over in a part-time position with an international legal outsourcing provider. In addition to finding a new career, her time overseas allowed her to deepen her yoga practice. In 2011, she received her 200-hour certification to teach yoga from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala in Chennai India. In 2017, she finished her first book, Lifestyle Lawyer. Sometimes, we all need to go against the grain and do things that make us happier, more well-rounded, and engaged. Her goal is to share this passion for wellness, health, yoga, and meditation with others.

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