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Delivering Excellence in eDiscovery Project Management

At Relativity Fest in Chicago, Chris Dale interviewed Megan Rowland of Legility. Megan Rowland is Team Lead, Project Management at Legility.

I asked her what makes a good project manager. You take it for granted that they are knowledgeable, but they must also have good communication skills, be flexible and, approachable and possible. It seemed worth asking the reciprocal question – what makes a good client?

The key thing, Megan Rowland said, is that the client is transparent about its expectations so that everybody knows what the target is. Not all deadlines are known at the beginning but it is extremely helpful to be told about when they become known.

Increasingly, Megan Rowland said, clients are coming to Legility with an understanding of what is changing in the discovery process. Older technologies like email threading are a given but it remains a challenge to get them to understand active learning.

The key thing is that the client is transparent about its expectations so that everybody knows what the target is.


How do you get clients to buy in to this technology? The key attraction, and the thing clients find most persuasive, is prioritisation and the efficiencies which that brings. Although the benefits of having documents in order of presumed importance seem obvious, many clients still want their documents chronologically or by custodian.

I asked Megan Rowland about recruitment into the industry. How would you now sell the concept to new entrants, including those still at university? Megan Rowland said that the it is a challenge to find people with the mixed skills, including the technology skills, required for eDiscovery. Perhaps, she said, those already in the industry should go into law schools and talk about of those opportunities as well as encouraging younger people to come to conferences like Relativity Fest.

About the speaker

Megan Rowland
Megan Rowland

Megan has been working in the eDiscovery industry since 2010. Prior to becoming a Project Manager at Inventus, she worked at Huron Consulting Group as a Discovery Services Consultant. Megan studied at DePaul University College of Law and admitted the Illinois State Bar.

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