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white papers

Hiring Legal Employees in Remote and Hybrid Environments

Legility 12 / 16 / 21

What you need to know about the most significant eDiscovery cost-shifting ruling since Zubulake: Lawson v. Spirit Aerosystems.

Effectively Hire & Manage Remote Teams


In March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders mandated that companies worldwide require many corporate employees work remotely. Indeed, by April 2020, about half of the world’s population was under some form of lockdown, with about 4 billion people in 90 countries or territories having been asked or ordered to stay at home by their governments[1].

Even as the restrictions are lifting in some jurisdictions, many organizations decided to extend the remote working period for some employees. Many found themselves enjoying the flexibility and convenience of working from home and avoiding the daily commute. Some of these employees were still working remotely when the 2021 labor shortage arose, and the labor shortage caused a lot of companies to turn their attention to employee retention. Concerned they might lose key employees if they required on-site work, some companies allowed their employees to continue working remotely.

As the remote working trend continued, CFOs started to take an active interest: They began to realize the cost savings from having their onsite workforce transition to remote work.

As a result of this massive sea change in how business is done all over the world, many General Counsel have found their peers advocating for a remote workforce, so these GCs are now anticipating a permanent change for their team.

Read on to learn about to learn tips and tricks to effectively hire and manage employees in a remote & hybrid work environment.

Get the white paper

1Key takeaways from the white paper

Useful considerations when hiring for virtual business environments

Ensure a smooth transition when onboarding remote employees

Effectively manage remote employees

Hiring Legal Employees in Remote and Hybrid Environments covers important considerations organizations can use to effectively onboard and manage remote employees. Download the white paper to learn how you can ensure a smooth transition when onboarding remote team members.  


Many General Counsel have found their peers advocating for a remote workforce, so these GCs are now anticipating a permanent change for their team.

Focus on the long-term needs of your new employee 

Once you get past the initial welcome event, it’s time to focus on the long-term needs of your new employee, including substantive job training, formal and informal mentorship, and IT support. While much of this is similar to the onboarding process for onsite employees, it can be more challenging to provide training, mentorship and support to an employee when you can’t simply walk down the hall for an impromptu, in-person meeting during the workday. 

3Give employees the tools to work efficiently and effectively

While many employees don’t need much more than a laptop and Wi-Fi connection to work remotely, those two items alone don’t necessarily equate to a productive and ergonomic workspace. In addition to shipping a laptop to your employees, consider also providing them with an external monitor (or two); a height-adjustable desk and an ergonomic headset, keyboard, mouse and desk chair with lumbar support; a high speed printer/scanner; and proper desk lighting. If your employees have a comfortable working environment with the tools necessary to work efficiently, you may find they are more productive.

[1] [1] Coronavirus: Half of Humanity on Lockdown in 90 countries. Sandford, Alasdair (2 April 2020)

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