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white papers

A Guide to Second Requests in the Age of Analytics

Adam Wells 10 / 04 / 20

Clear the final merger hurdle with this guide to managing a successful Second Request project from start to finish.

A Guide to Second Requests in the Age of Analytics


Massive data volume and tight turnarounds are par for the course with Hart-Scott Rodino Second Requests. Having a rock-solid workflow and the right partner helps ensure success.

Second Requests are high velocity, high volume, and high visibility - under normal circumstances. Now, as legal departments are facing an unprecedented post-pandemic economy, and ever-growing reliance on digital communication, the demands in this final merger step are higher than ever.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

How to establish a workflow for Second Requests

Negotiation with regulatory agencies

Project planning and management

Processing and multi-language support

Review, managed review, and technology-assisted review

Clear the Final Merger Hurdle: A Guide to Second Requests in the Age of Analytics is the complete guide to navigating the high-stress, high volume, tight-turn project that is a Hart-Scott Rodino Second Request. This white paper covers everything from establishing a workflow for Second Requests, to negotiating with the regulatory agencies up front, to every step of conducting the actual collection, processing, review and ultimate production. You'll also get a complete guide to evaluate Second Request partners along the way.



many expect a surge in M&A activity by 2-3x

Integration imperatives

A Second Request is a large people and technology effort that needs to be fully integrated in order for it to work successfully.

About the author

Adam Wells
Adam Wells

Adam is an accomplished and passionate executive with 15 years of experience in the legal technology industry. He has extensive experience leading cross-functional operational teams. Adam oversees the consulting organization for Legility’s US market. Adam holds a master’s from Georgetown University and B.A. from George Washington University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

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