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Global Privacy in the Age of COVID-19

Legility 06 / 16 / 20

From HIPAA data to PII, legal teams are faced with the task of balancing public health imperatives with data privacy considerations.

Navigating Unprecedented Change


How will public health imperatives change the approach toward data sharing & data privacy?

Employers  must strike a balance between providing a safe workplace and complying with stringent privacy laws. But, health imperatives could alter best practices for handling personally identifiable and protected health information.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

How strictly will government agencies enforce relatively new privacy regulations?

How can companies safeguard their employees & business without running afoul of privacy regulations?

Privacy law exceptions: Do they apply to the COVID-19 pandemic?

How can you protect private information from potential data breaches?

Global Privacy in the Age of COVID-19 covers everything in-house legal teams need to know to safeguard both their employees AND their business operations without running afoul of data privacy regulations during this unique time in history, where global health imperatives could not be more important.



feet of separation is now best practice in indoor work spaces

Redesigned work-life

The pandemic has prompted redesigned workspaces in addition to health screening measures which may intersect with data privacy regulations.

3Contact tracing and screening

Contact tracing and screening entail collecting extensive personal data and go beyond simply confirming whether an employee is sick or not.

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