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white papers

When Key Employees Quit: Five Ways to Keep Control of Critical Data

Legility 10 / 13 / 20

What you need to know to create a more efficient document review process - to save time and money.

Five Things You Must Do to Keep Control of Critical Data


Losing a key employee is never easy – they often take with them institutional knowledge, great internal and external relationships, not to mention critical skill sets. Some even may leave behind a leadership vacuum or rupture a team’s cohesion. All this is enough of a challenge, but if they take confidential information with them, it becomes a more pressing challenge. Organizations today rely heavily upon technology and electronically stored information (ESI) – and when employees leave, there’s always a risk that they’ll take some information or data with them when they go – either inadvertently or even on purpose.

Because this can represent significant risks to organizations in terms of data security – representing risks from data privacy and security to intellectual property and competitive positioning – it’s important for legal and compliance teams to both identify potential risks associated with departing employees, and to adopt and implement policies and procedures to safeguard valuable information.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper

Modern Work Practices and Prevention

Reducing Exiting Employee Data Theft: Top Five Tips

Post-mortem: Getting Smart after the Event

When Key Employees Quit covers everything you need to know about managing the risks involved with key employees departing and ensure your confidential information is protected and competitive advantages are not lost.



The most common method for data exfiltration

Prevention is better than cure

Securing data when employees leave - even amicably - is one of the best things an organization can do to protect its data. 

3Assess, collaborate, devise, administer, and defend

With careful planning and vigilantly enforced policies and procedures, organizations can managed the risks involved with employee exit strategies. 

About the author


Legility, a leading provider of technology-enabled legal services, provides consulting, technology, managed solutions, and flexible legal talent to corporations and law firms. The company has more than 1,000 lawyers, engineers, consultants, technology and data specialists, and operational experts serving more than one-third of the Fortune 100 and one-quarter of the Am Law 200. Legility helps its clients improve operational efficiency. By combining people, processes, and technology, Legility offers innovative and bundled solutions that align with how the legal market is increasingly looking to engage.

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