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Electronic Discovery's Leader in Nice

What’s the first thing we want clients to know about us? Naturally, we want them to know we can deliver legal services to them more efficiently than our competitors.

We have the technology, expertise, and infrastructure to handle eDiscovery projects from information governance through production, and our staff are creative and qualified – ready, willing, and able to help our clients solve the complex problems that inevitably arise during discovery projects.

Starting With Why in eDiscovery

But what about our “why”? What makes our team stand out in a crowded industry where often, project managers, client services specialists, solution architects, and technical staff bounce from vendor to vendor?

The answer is quite simple: We are nice people to work with. Inventus is a culture of care: Care about our colleagues, care about our clients, and care about a sane, transparent, and authentic working environment.

A Culture of Care: For Best Results in eDiscovery, Apply Empathy

We work with our clients when they’re under incredible pressure, in stressful situations. Expertise of course is fundamental to our business model, but our employees are also adept at remaining calm under pressure – essential to the process of coming up with creative, tested solutions to complex problems.

Our simple philosophy of being both effective and personable is why our talent retention rate is above 90% in an industry where turnover in high-pressure jobs like eDiscovery project managers is incredibly high – and a real problem for clients looking for consistency in service delivery. When your project manager jumps from one company to another every year, it’s incredibly difficult to build real working relationships that give you the confidence to know that your sensitive projects – and litigious data – are in good hands.

Expertise of course is fundamental to our business model, but our employees are also adept at remaining calm under pressure – essential to the process of coming up with creative, tested solutions to complex problems.

Culture Begins with Authentic Leadership

Our President of International, Paul Mankoo, recently sat down with Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project to discuss what makes us different, and how “being nice people to work with” contributes to a culture of care, and ultimately to our clients’ success. Watch the video above to see how he sets Inventus’ culture of care starting at the very top.


About the speaker

Paul Mankoo
Paul Mankoo

Paul Mankoo is President of International & Managed Services at Legility. Paul has over 18 years of entrepreneurial and technical experience within both the legal and corporate markets.  He has established, built and divested three successful companies in these areas and advises corporate and legal services clients in regard to eDiscovery and litigation support processes. 

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