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white papers

Diversity in the Legal Profession

Building a culture of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

From Rhetoric to Reality


Despite progress in more women and minorities becoming lawyers, the legal field is still falling short in diversity and inclusion, especially in positions of leadership.

Fortunately, there are law firms and multinational corporations breaking new ground in diversifying their legal teams and their leadership.

Download the white paper

1Key takeaways from the white paper.

Lack of diversity leads to revenue loss

Clients demand diversity in legal

Blueprint to boost diversity

Best practices for creating a culture of accountability for diversity

So, what can you do today to drive diversity in your legal team? There are some initial questions to ask and some step-by-step strategies you can follow in the long term. Download the white paper for a blueprint for boosting diversity in your legal team today.



of lawyers in the U.S. are white

What does diversity in legal look like?

Although people of color make up a third of the U.S. population and a fifth of law school graduates, they make up less than 7% of firm partners and 9% of counsels at large corporations.

3Questions you should be asking

  • Have you identified strategies for diverse hiring?
  • What are your hiring and promotion targets?
  • Where are you getting your referrals?
  • What are your recruits' demographics?

About the authors

Kamaka Martin
Kamaka Martin

Kamaka Martin is Vice President of Managed Services at Legility, and brings 17 years of legal services experience to her role expertly handling projects for clients. In her role, she leads teams that deliver legal consulting and strategic litigation workflow solutions. She has deep experience in intellectual property, patent law, trademarks, program management, project management, and litigation support. She is a member of Legility’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee and is a sought-after speaker and author on legal and DEI thought leadership topics. She holds a JD from the University of Melbourne, a Post Graduate Degree in Legal Practice and Law from The Australian National University, and a BA in History and Government & Law from Lafayette College.

Effie Sahihi | Senior Legal Project Manager at Legility

Effie has has deep experience in legal, and has been planning and implementing large-scale eDiscovery projects expertly for years. She holds a JD from Florida State University College of Law.

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