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white papers

Competition Law: Deep Dive into Other Technologies

Rebecca Cronin 07 / 02 / 20

The technology available to assist investigations and document review is an ever-evolving landscape. No list of options is ever complete for very long, as there is a constant stream of new additions – some more effective than others!

An array of clusters and interlacing threads: Deep dive into other technologies

euclid law

The technology available to assist investigations and document review is an ever-evolving landscape. No list of options is ever complete for very long, as there is a constant stream of new additions – some more effective than others!

That being said, there are a number of tried and tested stalwarts with which any competition law (or other) practitioners would benefit from being familiar.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

How concept searching and clustering make a difference in investigations and document review

Reduction. The art of threading and near-duplicate identification

Using intelligent caution when using Email Threading and Textual Near-Deduplication

An array of clusters and interlacing threads: (Deep dive into other technologies) covers the array of powerful technologies available regarding competition law in Europe and provides practical advice on how and when to use them.



Reduction. As a first step before embarking on a large review, always find defensible ways to reduce that volume for review.

Taking a different approach

Taking a different approach to leveraging the same process of extracting meaning from the words in the data set, conceptual searching allows competition lawyers to hone in on documents related to specific topics.

3Far-reaching potential but no universal panacea

The key is to always consult with your E-Disclosure vendor or competition lawyers to ensure you are using them as part of a robust and defensible workflow. 

About the author

Rebecca Cronin
Rebecca Cronin

Rebecca Cronin is Director of Technical Solutions at Legility, with more than a decade of experience in the fields of eDiscovery and legal technology. She advises clients on the development and implementation of strategies employing technology in litigation, investigation, regulatory and compliance. She holds a masters degree in information security and computer forensics from the University of East London, and an honors degree in computer engineering from the University of Limerick. She is a Relativity Master.

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