California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Legility 12 / 11 / 20

Legility’s comprehensive contract review, negotiation and data abstraction services create
efficiencies and drive results. Our lawyers assist leading legal departments in some of the largest companies in the world with the implementation of their regulatory compliance programs. The CCPA is a comprehensive privacy law that requires a shift in the way that businesses process personal information (PI). Preparing for CCPA compliance requires a plan, a process, and the resources to make it happen. Legility has the attorneys, the technology, and the processes to help your team analyze, assess, and implement your vendor management/CCPA compliance program.

"Our department is dealing with the COVID crisis on top of several attorneys already being out of the office for extended periods,” says the Director of Legal Operations for a large organization. “Having access to flexible legal talent through Legility has allowed us to quickly tap resources to augment our attorneys and provide seamless customer service."

On-demand legal talent can help legal departments handle the challenges posed by COVID-19.


Flexible legal talent can drive cost savings

Spending is under more scrutiny than ever in the age of coronavirus. Uncertainty about the length and ultimate impact of the crisis means that many general counsels are being asked to do more with less. Flexible talent allows legal departments to keep up with essential business needs while staying within budget.

On average, a flexible lawyer’s hourly rate is about one-third that of the equivalent lawyer at a law firm.

The cost savings increase with experience. The cost savings are significant, and no long-term commitment is required. Corporate counsel can deploy the legal resources they need and start or stop anytime. It’s a very conservative approach to doing business.

Legal departments save 50%+ using flexible legal talent as compared to traditional models.

On-demand lawyers drive legal efficiency

The flexible-talent model is built for efficiency. It’s designed to accommodate any timeframe for both tactical and strategic legal assignments. Attorneys are able to ramp up and down quickly — and, critically in the time of coronavirus, work remotely without any changes in process. Remote working is business as usual for most of Legility’s flexible attorneys, with approximately three-quarters of our talent pool experienced at working offsite.

While much of the corporate world is grappling with how to work remotely, Legility has an expansive global roster of lawyers who are working exactly this way, with tech capabilities and dedicated home offices already up and running. This kind of flexibility and efficiency are core to our business.

On-demand lawyers provide valuable legal expertise

Coronavirus has created a whole new world, not only in terms of how lawyers work but also what they work on. Legal departments may find themselves fielding work that requires expertise in areas that are new or underrepresented on their teams.

For example, coronavirus is likely to create an increase in contract volume. Contract lawyers may be suddenly overloaded as supply chains, vendor agreements, leases, and other aspects of doing business are affected by the pandemic. Flexible attorneys who are experienced with contracts can help ease the burden on in-house lawyers.

On average, a flexible lawyer’s hourly rate is about one-third that of the equivalent lawyer at a law firm.

Overnight, there’s going to be a need for subject-matter-expert bandwidth. With so many workforces suddenly impacted, many in-house departments are likely to be hit with an increased need for employment-law expertise. Healthcare specialization will be in demand as well, as that sector grapples with everything from supply shortages to property management. Universities, retailers, and all subsets of the hospitality industry will face similar challenges. Flexible talent provides a pathway for general counsels to access specialized attorneys quickly.

Get a direct connection to world-class legal talent.

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