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Bringing Discipline to Data Disorder

Sarah Brown 05 / 14 / 20

A Fortune 100 services and manufacturing company generates thousands of contracts from its various business units on an annual basis. The paper, which ranges in value from thousands to millions of dollars, is primarily customer-business contracts, leases, vendor agreements and a host of other documents that require the legal department’s review. The sheer volume makes reviewing all of the contracts impossible, and sending the contracts to outside counsel is not financially practical.

The Case for eDiscovery Managed Services

bringing discipline to disorder

We are long past the Information Age - we are now living in the era of Big Data. Data is generated by new technologies daily, stored in more formats than ever before, and replicated in more places than many organizations can effectively keep track of.

All of this exploding data is subject to different retention policies and regulations. But there is one thing ALL of it has in common: Any or all of it could be relevant in a litigation.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

How savvy legal teams are moving to a single eDiscovery platform

How legal teams are keeping data together

Innovative methods for reducing litigation costs

New approaches to minimizing data risks

The Case for eDiscovery Managed Services covers topics ranging from the problem of risk, distributed data, cost management, economies of scale, predictability and more to help you begin to assess your own BYOD policies.



of lawyers in the U.S. are white

Legal lacks diversity.

3Distributed data creates multiple avenues of vulnerability

Data, once handed over to even a single provider, quickly grows, multiples and spreads. Along with the data, so too does the risk.


About the author

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is a legal technology thought leader with more than a decade of experience in the eDiscovery and information management fields. At Legility, her primary focus is on driving awareness for the company’s innovative services and solutions. Prior to Legility, Brown spent eight years as head of marketing communications at Epiq, where she led global marketing communications and built thought leadership, PR, and analyst relations programs. Prior to Epiq, she led marketing communications at Exterro, an eDiscovery software company, where she founded and led their content-driven marketing organization. She has a journalism background and holds a master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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