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white papers

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Compliance

Rebecca Cronin 04 / 06 / 20

Monitoring compliance can be a Sisyphean task. Artificial intelligence can help.

Cross your tech and dot your A.I.'s


Competition policy plays an important role on how business behave around the world.  Yet, while competition authorities have imposed fines with sharply increasing severity, there appears to be no solid evidence that anti-competitive conduct is declining.

Companies are constantly urged to take proactive measures in order to reduce competition law breaches. One of the most important and effective tool to achieve such goals is internal audits. In this article, we explore how business can implement: an effective and non-disruptive auditing system without the price tag.

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1Key takeaways from the white paper.

How to deploy intelligent technology alongside intelligent humans

Using detection & redaction to protect personally identifiable information (PII)

Audio analysis best practices

Information mapping blueprints

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Compliance covers topics ranging from the problem of anti-competitive conduct, best practices for auditing and monitoring compliance programs, ways to deploy smart technology, and all the tech terms you'll need to know to get started today.


$5 billion

largest anti-competition fine ever processed

Fines on the rise

Anti-competition consequences are on the rise - from large corporate fines to personal liability

3Distributed data creates multiple avenues of vulnerability

Artificial intelligence is a tool that can dramatically improve investigators' understanding of potential anti-competitive content.

About the author

Rebecca Cronin
Rebecca Cronin

Rebecca Cronin is Director of Technical Solutions at Legility, with more than a decade of experience in the fields of eDiscovery and legal technology. She advises clients on the development and implementation of strategies employing technology in litigation, investigation, regulatory and compliance. She holds a masters degree in information security and computer forensics from the University of East London, and an honors degree in computer engineering from the University of Limerick. She is a Relativity Master.

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