We’re all doing business in an environment changing faster than ever before – COVID-19 has altered the landscape in unpredictable ways that are continually unfolding. In this business environment, legal is tasked with regulatory compliance, delivering against strategic business needs, and even tighter budgets and bandwidth.


With Legility’s roster of talented lawyers, corporate legal teams and law firms can:


Get a direct connection to world-class legal talent

Meet your goals by partnering with our highly selective bench of more than 1,000 legal professionals with expertise that spans diverse practice areas


Extend the reach of your legal team

Create a responsive, efficient, lean, and scalable legal department by engaging flexible legal talent when, where, and how you need them


Drive organizational change through the legal department

Drive business success with tailor-made legal teams and consultative solutions that match your unique business needs

Legal departments save 50%+ as compared to traditional models. Law firms can lower client costs while preserving partner and associate margins

Target your specific legal needs for any time frame for both tactical and strategic assignments.

Ramp up and down quickly with a flexible engagement model designed to accommodate quick starts and stops.

Drawing from a team of more than 1,000 top lawyers across diverse practice areas, we match your specific legal needs with experienced professionals. Whether you need a legal expert for a short or long-term engagement, it’s the ultimate cost-effective and flexible option – that never compromises expertise.