You have large, immediate legal data needs, and you need support now (think M&A due diligence, LIBOR, CCPA, or Brexit). Whether you’re facing a large regulatory project, implementing a new database, or consolidating data for any other legal project, you need it reviewed, abstracted, and optimized – by yesterday. For contract review & abstraction, financial or FINRA review, claims review and abstraction, deal support, litigation data management, or any time-based legal project – the Legility Legal Intelligence team has more than two decades of experience serving corporate legal teams and law firms to deliver visibility into your legal data to reduce spending, ensure consistent work product, and reduce institutional risk.

The modern legal department leader is both a lawyer and a business executive, striving to deliver results quickly and cost-efficiently while protecting their organizations from risk. You want to make more informed decisions, make the best technology and resource choices for each task, and drive operational efficiencies by controlling legal spend, building more efficient legal teams, improving legal results, and delivering usable business data to internal stakeholders. The Legility Legal Optimization Team has more than 20 years of experience helping legal teams achieve operational success with analytics, purpose-built workflows, and information-driven process improvements.