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eDisclosure powered
by Relativity

Our proprietary disclosure management platform is fully enabled within both on-premise Relativity and RelativityOne. We’ve developed a suite of tools that seamlessly integrate leading eDisclosure applications. This allows you to inform your case strategy early in the litigation lifecycle as it allows you faster access to data. Legility Relativity Suite reduces cost and risk by processing data once, culling data further, and streamlining the review process. Our services combine legal project management, custom development and best-in-breed technologies to deliver a cost-effective and defensible disclosure process.


Early case assessment powered by Relativity.

inVerito Early Case Assessment (ECA), enables you to quickly segregate potentially responsive documents from non-responsive data, saving substantial time and cost. With this Relativity-powered ECA workflow, you will begin a full review with a smaller, more relevant data set, and gain immediate insight into the information gathered during collection.

inVerito helps you develop an effective case strategy early in the litigation cycle. It saves you time and money by allowing you to quickly exclude documents that do not relate to the case subject matter. With inVerito, you will only pay ESI processing costs on documents that get promoted to a full Relativity review


Proprietary middleware for processing

With other Relativity providers, customer data is often imported and exported multiple times between the processing and hosting environments. Every time data is moved between platforms it is subject to increased risk of corruption and time delays. Our proprietary middleware, Direct Link, is fully integrated into our eDisclosure software; data is linked directly from our processing engine to our Relativity hosting environment. This means that source data is only stored and processed once, eliminating the risk and potential errors that may occur when processing, exporting and copying data between platforms, and allowing greater data protection. With Direct Link, clients save time, eliminate redundant costs that are inherent to data processing and review, and meet tight production deadlines by speeding the document production process.