Global, seamless
eDisclosure management.

We focus on the people behind the mountains of data, and use our technology to deliver customized discovery solutions. We combine legal project management with best-of-breed technologies to dramatically reduce the costs and risks associated with the disclosure process.

Your evidence is in
good hands.

Your evidence is in good hands with Legility’s certified digital forensic consultants. Our team works with advanced tools to perform complete digital forensic investigations, full forensic imaging and in-depth analysis.

Our forensic team can quickly, securely recover and examine electronically stored information (ESI). Our forensic experts maintain comprehensive chain of custody records and provide detailed reports on every action taken, ensuring the evidence produced is validated and defensible. We are also available to testify to our findings in court or through expert witness reports.

We trace digital footprints to help you answer the hardest questions, with digital forensic specialists on hand to consult and provide expert witness services.

  • Forensic
  • Forensic
  • Remote

Our digital forensic experts work with all digital devices to preserve the integrity of captured data, provide a documented path and create a comprehensive report for every investigation.

We offer expert witness and consulting services to corporations and law firms for ongoing data management, setting up technology environments, preparing data for cases, and more.

  • Proprietary information theft investigation
  • Encryption & password cracking
  • Recovery of password-protection, deleted, and corrupted files
  • Metadata & search history analysis

Legility’s forensic experts and eDisclosure consultants deliver tailored solutions for all your forensic needs, including:

  • Collection & preservation
  • Defensible deletion
  • Data management & technology options
  • Budgeting

On-site data collection is not always possible or safe. With remote collection, forensic examiners can access data on any device, anywhere – remotely. They can gather the information they need remotely and in a forensically sound manner.

  • Remote forensic collection
  • Reduced costs & burden on staff
  • Avoid logistical challenges
  • Reduce health risks during COVID-19

processing & hosting

Our experts bring clarity to complex data sets by identifying, extracting, and analysing key data for lawyer review. Legility processes the largest, most complex collections of electronically stored information (ESI) for disclosure with sophisticated technology, secure distributed data centres on three continents, and the most efficient and effective email threading, de-duplication, near-duplicate analysis, and data culling techniques. From structured and unstructured data to text messages, social media data, email threads, audio data, and more – we deliver actionable insight into your complete body of data.

Legility clients have access to best-of-breed hosting platforms, including industry-leading Relativity, Venio, and LegiltyZenith, developed for small to medium projects and Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) as part of the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). Our data is hosted in secure, distributed data centres across three continents backed by round-the-clock, state-of-the art security. We were recognised as a Best-in-Service Relativity provider for six years in a row, and have been a best-in-class Relativity Authorised Partner since 2009. This outstanding achievement exemplifies our exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and commitment.

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Simplify electronic
document review

Work with the highest-quality managed review teams for the lowest cost. We integrate top legal talent, powerful workflow improvements, and industry-leading technology to customise litigation and regulatory reviews.

Our globally aligned processes provide the same quality results whether review is being performed remotely, or in our global review centres. We can arrange review services on-demand, remotely or on-site on three continents, no matter where your data resides. Our team has managed thousands of document reviews for law firms, government agencies, and some of the biggest companies in a variety of sectors and languages all over the world.

Our managed review team has decades of experience in document review. We have managed some of the largest electronic document review projects on record and worked with teams in multiple locations. From large, multi-district litigations to fast moving dawn raid projects, your review manager has seen it, created workflows to handle it, and kept it on budget.

  • Managed review expertise
  • Process:
    Legal + Agility
  • eDisclosure review platforms
Managed review expertise

Our managed review team has decades of experience in document review. We provide knowledge-retaining teams that become more efficient and effective with each case and by reutilising the same teams of lawyers to work
with the same clients, builds deeper working relationships, matter after matter.

  • Pre-review strategy
  • Early case assessment
  • Artificial intelligence expertise
  • Managed review
  • Virtual managed review
  • Post-production support
Legal + Agility

Constantly challenging ourselves to improve is in our DNA. Our incremental and iterative workflows optimise the efficiency of your legal team while maximising quality of the entire review process. We leverage data and feedback to adapt in real time, saving you time and money, matter after matter.

  • Proprietary processes
  • Email threading
  • Near duplicate identification
  • Active learning
eDisclosure review platforms

We use advanced technology to achieve the highest quality review at the lowest cost. We also know that there is no single platform that is optimal for all data sets – so we train our teams on multiple solutions and select the right tool for each matter. We’re agile.

  • Legility Envize
  • Leading Relativity provider
  • Spotlight business analytics

managed services

Minimise operational burden, risk, and overall cost of disclosure. We provide a customised and flexible discovery management ecosystem with fully integrated best-of-breed technologies and highest levels of data security.

  • For law firms
  • For corporations
  • Security
For law firms

For law firms, Legility offers the control and cost savings of an in-house eDisclosure department with the speed, efficiency, scalability and quality of a state-of-the-art dedicated eDisclsoure company. Legility eDisclosure managed services offers the best of both worlds.

  • Enhanced data security
  • Greater flexibility
  • Access from anywhere
  • Savings & faster results
For corporations

With managed services, corporations choose a single, trusted eDisclosure provider to bear the responsibility of selecting, acquiring, and maintaining eDisclosure technology. We provide custom-created hardware, software, and qualified professionals all for a single annual “all-in” fee for all infrastructure, applications, and user licenses.

  • Cost predictability
  • Eliminate capital expenditure
  • Leverage economies of scale
  • Eliminate IT costs

Sensitive information is protected with enterprise-level, system-wide security. Plus, powerful in-house eDisclosure technology gives greater control over how data is used and maintained.

  • Up-to-date technology
  • Enhanced data security
  • Role-based access controls
  • Vulnerability limitation

Quality support for
scanning and coding

Whether you need copying, scanning or imaging of paper documents, we have the fastest, most reliable equipment to get the job done right. We manage and complete projects of all sizes in-house while maintaining the strictest level of security and confidentiality. Our team will get you what you need – and get it to you on time. 

We provide a comprehensive service: From coding, scanning, and copying, to printing from digital files, trial exhibit creation, binding services, document ID labelling; duplication and conversion of digital files, multilingual optical character recognition (OCR), PDF bookmarked/hyperlinked bundles, document unitising and load file creation for most review platforms.

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Advanced eDisclosure business analytics dashboard delivers real-time insight into data volumes, legal spend, and cost metrics across your legal portfolio.


Powerful analytics to help you focus on the critical data in a document review.

Relativity Suite

Fully integrated software with the Relativity review platform for faster access and enhanced security.

Data Reader

Rapid review of messaging platform data like Bloomberg chat terminals, Skype, Facebook Messaging, Google’s Gchat, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and more.


State-of-the-art hosting & review platform.


Web-based, self-service eDisclosure solution that is intuitive yet powerful.